MASTERS SUMMER 2020 successfully completed
October 27, 2020
THE LEAGUE WINTER 20/21 in full swing 75 mathes have been played so far
November 16, 2020

THE LEAGUE WINTER 20/21 ALREADY STARTED 33 mathes have been played

Based on the results of the last Masters, a new starting ranking list for the Winter League 20/21 was made. Although the Masters Summer 20 ended only on September 24, 33 League matches have already been played. Officially, November is counted as the first month of the League, and in that month it is necessary for each player to play a minimum of 2 matches (otherwise points are deducted in accordance with the Propositions). Partial amendments to the Propositions are being prepared, which should make the League more interesting. First of all, it is predicted that each player should play with at least 5 different opponents in one cycle (winter, ie summer league), as well as the possibility of challenging an opponent who is ranked with a maximum of 15 places difference.