MASTERS WINTER 20/21 Maasters starts this weekend (March of 27)
March 23, 2021
MASTERS WINTER 20/21 Grouipe stage will be completed on Friday
April 21, 2021

MASTERS WINTER 20/21 Masters in the final part of the group stage

Since the work of the Center is allowed in accordance with the epidemiological situation, we continued to play group stage matches. Considering the reduced working hours due to curfew and many individual cases of infection, we can be satisfied with the dynamics of playing matches. This time, significantly smaller participants are participating in the Masters, so we have formed 2 groups: TOP 6 best junior players who have intensively trained or are playing tennis, and all the others are classified in one group according to the current ranking (regardless of age). In this way, we got a much more even tournament in which there are not many differences in quality by groups, which means the possibility of playing more exciting, uncertain and interesting matches.